Mets Weekly doesn’t hate me

Background for the story: Back at the beginning of the season, Matty organized a bloggers roundtable to air on Mets Weekly, and I was originally supposed to be a part of it. Close to last minute, I was told I got cut for vague reasons. I was disappointed to feel excluded, and to lose an opportunity to hopefully get more readers. But I knew that the two times I’ve been on Mets Weekly (once in ’06, once in ’08), I’ve looked awful. The camera’s so close to my face, which just looks huge and wrong. And I somehow always think of the perfect thing to say once the camera’s already off. So I wasn’t too devastated.

But then when I got cut again from the bloggers day footage, I thought–oh no! They hate me at Mets Weekly! Why would they just keep cutting me, especially since there are already so few women (who know about baseball I mean, sorry Jocelyn Pierce, I’m sure you’re very nice) on that show. So, yes, I took it personally and figured that for some reason I’d gotten blacklisted.

Nope! It’s nothing of the sort. I got two emails Monday morning after Mets Weekly learned that I wasn’t happy to have been excluded. Turns out my interview with Teddy had been the first footage shot that day, before Matt and Ted did their own introduction. The editor thought the footage began with Matt and Ted, and so he/she didn’t even know I’d been interviewed. 

So it was nothing personal at all, which makes me feel a whole lot better! 

Now I just have to figure out how to not look/sound AWFUL on Mets Weekly for the future. It’s a great way to promote the blog and celebrate our little (dorky, I know) online Mets community. But so far I haven’t quite gotten it right. 

I am also expecting emails now from the bullpen explaining why they’re not getting it done. What, bullpen? You didn’t hear that I’m not 100% happy with you? You’re supposed to send me explanation emails when you learn that, clearly.




  1. holic5

    So I was wondering why you weren’t there. I was ready to email them with angry remarks LOL
    Hope all is well… Here I am hoping that Fay doesnt take away my cable so I can watch the Mets tonight LOL


  2. pickmeup

    Ha. I *was* told “let me know if we can make it up to you in any way.” But really, you don’t want to see me hosting an ep of Mets Weekly. Heck, *I* don’t want to see that 😉

    I’ll take being included in future blogger groups, how’s that? 🙂

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