Not cool, SNY

I urge all of you to watch this week’s Mets Weekly, which just aired, and which features fun footage from our Bloggers Day in the SNY suite. But, then, I always urge you to watch SNY. As a blogger, I’m SNY’s biggest supporter, and I always have been. 

Too bad they pretended I didn’t exist. You’ll catch me in a couple brief cut-aways, but other than that, I’m the only one they didn’t let introduce him/herself (besides one blogger whom I know prefers to be off-camera). I would like to know why they cut me out.

Like everyone there, I did a little introduction and talked to Teddy (Berg) a bit for the Mets Weekly camera. Now, usually the camera makes me incredibly nervous. When I appear on TV all I do is critique myself, and so I do have ambivalent feelings about the whole deal. But to be axed out of bloggers day? That was just kind of…mean. Our little community is very tight, and many of my blogger friends call me the “cruise director” because I’ve had a large part in making sure everyone knows each other, in making sure everyone knows about any events going on–most of all SNY events! Which I always promote and then provide pictures from. More than many (except for Matty), I’ve gone out of my way to help foster the sense of community we share. So to then pretend I don’t exist…Mets Weekly and SNY? It kind of hurts.

Is it possible my interview sucked or was just not relevant to what wound up airing? Sure, absolutely. But at least let me do the introduction that everyone got to do! I think there might be some politics involved between SNY and Mlblogs. I’m not sure about that, it’s just a feeling I get. But I’ve done a lot for SNY. I’ve promoted the hell out of them these past two years. I’ve gotten dozens of people to their events. (Jeez, and just as I was getting ready to help them promote an upcoming SNY event before the end of the month!) I’ve met many, many of their awesome on-air and behind-the-scenes guys. They should really get over whatever’s going on and offer me more consideration.

Update: They also neglected to introduce Adam, aka Brooklyn Met Fan, who was also there, and who is also awesome. But Mets Weekly has Adam on rather often, so he may feel less slighted, I imagine. And also, to interview so many dudes and then cut out one of the few women there adds to the not-coolness.



  1. coopz22

    Agreed agreed agreed, on all counts. Not to mention you have been one of the pioneering female bloggers in the blogosphere and in Metsopotamia (besides being a force in promoting their crap and getting us all together). I don’t understand why you weren’t at least informed as to why they wouldn’t air your spot. I’m with ya babe.


    Hi Zoe,
    Although I have never commented before, I have been reading your Blog for a long time. As one die-hard female Mets fan to another– you rock! I check here daily to see if you have written a new blog. I made it a point to watch Mets Weekly today just to see you (after reading your previous blog). I am with you– shame on SNY for ommiting you!! Keep up the great job & please know that all of your fans support you 100%!!
    Take care & LET’S GO METS!!
    Tricia, CT

  3. captsehorn

    It’s pretty obvious what happened—you are far too attractive and talented, and your appearance would’ve made the others look bad by comparison. 🙂

    Keep up the good fight Zoe!

    Dave (NY Sports Dog)

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