A test for Ollie…can he make the children smile?

Tonight we discover if Oliver Perez can manage to dig up the adrenaline and control he so often finds for big-stage games…on a paltry little worst-team-in-baseball stage. The Nats are the one team where 2 out of 3 won’t cut it. How many times have we heard about our team’s troubles against under .500 teams? That can’t continue. With the race this close, we need those games to be gifts, not giveaways. So Ollie, bullpen, offense, let’s put this one in the books and take full advantage of facing a .364 team. And then, let’s keep up the confidence and crisp play for Pittsburgh and Atlanta, both currently at .458. These are the games, team. These are the ones that could win the division for us.

After all, you don’t want to make your children cry, do you? Here are some moments from Sunday’s Family Day at Shea. (The first one is Tiny Castro. And do you see Daniel Murphy all smiles with his family?) All together now: Awwww.

Picture 040.jpg
Picture 043.jpg

Picture 050f.jpgPicture 049f.jpgPicture 048f.jpgPicture 047f.jpgPicture 046f.jpgPicture 045f.jpg
See, Ollie? Do it for the children!



  1. will.fabro@gmail.com

    at first i was like “how does daniel murphy have children already?!” and then i realized it was schoeneweis and murphy was with his mom and siblings.

    those kids are adorable. and omg baby castro looks exactly like his papa.

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