Team? Not so much winning. Bloggers? So winning.

It’s no secret that we Mets bloggers are a tight group. This past Sunday, our ringleader, “TV’s Matt Cerrone” (can my arm look just like your arm, Matty?) invited a core number of us to the SNY suite at Shea for Bloggers’ Day. 

Oh, how eventful our day would be. Because of the game, of course. The game where we fought hard to regain the lead…and…erm… made it interesting…Okay, so maybe a game where we trailed pretty much the whole time and wound up losing 8-2 to the Fish wasn’t the main focus of our outing. (Still, we won the series!) 
Highlights of our awesome-anyway day included:
1) Free food. Lots of free food, from veges and fruit, to pizza, to burgers and dogs, to chicken fingers, to yummy desserts. And yes, I ate a whole cotton candy and like 3 cookies.
2) The Burkhardts. Oh, how we love the Burkhardts. Kevin, Rachel, and even little Logan (!) brightened the suite the way only a Burkhardt can. Family pics will follow, but this was my absolute favorite. Watch out, Kevin. Someone wants your job. As I told Kevin, “My, you guys procreate well.”
3) Why, us, of course. The gang was well represented by Anthony De Rosa, Metsblog’s Regis Courtemanche, Mike Nichols (and his wife and newborn son–wait for it–Carter Shea!), Brandon Eddy, and Jordan Zakarin (yikes, whom somehow I didn’t actually meet!). The original Mets Divas me, Coop, and SNK, the wonderful Joe Janish, sweetheart Greg Prince, the originator of “Go Big Pelf,” Brooklyn Met Fan, Mike Steffanos, and of course his own biggest fan, Ted Berg. Not to mention a special guest spot by the young SNY’s “Adam T. Intern.”
4) Mets Weekly. Some of you know I am a bit terrified of being on Mets Weekly. I’ve been on twice now, and each time I am a moon-face with a horrible voice who can never quite say what I want to say. Bleh. But how fun that our bloggers’ day will be on a future episode. I’m looking forward to seeing what Matty and Ted do with the footage. Except for the moon-face part. Sigh.
Why don’t I stop listing highlights now and let you enjoy the day for yourself. See little Carter Shea with his mom and dad. See Logan Burkhardt calling the bullpen and asking “Okay, who else do we have?” See Matty and Ted getting their interview thing on. See Ted Berg trying to hug Daniel Murphy through the TV (and tell me you don’t want to too!!) See us, just chilling, in the actual real world where you don’t have to type to talk. Dang, we should have all just texted each other the whole day!







  1. nikki73

    Well, if there’s a way to watch an 8-2 loss, that’s it. Looks like you guys definitely had a better time at the game than I did. The highlight of my day was the Billy Wagner bobblehead. Looking forward to seeing your Mets Weekly spot.

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