Hello again!

Wow, when did summer get so busy? I’ve got a couple weeks to catch up on. We’ve had some tough losses and some exciting wins. We got our first complete game in almost two years with Johan Santana heroically taking the ball for 9 innings vs. the Cardinals. Bottom line is that we’re still in first, which is a thrill. Can you imagine two months ago, when we were all watching the games with our hands over our faces…what’s done it? Jerry Manuel? His looser clubhouse? Carlos Delgado? Pelfrey and Perez? Or all of the above? Whatever’s happened, the Mets are absolutely fun to watch again.

But then, they’ve pretty much always been fun to blog about, even when we were banging our heads against the walls 😉

Tonight’s rubber game vs. the Marlins is an important one, especially with the Phils off playing the “Let’s lose again” Nats. But given all we’ve seen in the past month or so, it’s not a crucial game. Not a must-win. So we can watch with a mixture of excitement and concern, but without that constant, gut-churning anxiety that marked much of our team’s first half.

But enough chitchat. I’ve got pics to share. July 22 was the one game we lost–and oh, how painfully we lost it!!–against the Phils. But it was also the second GaryKeithandRon.com day, and GKR fans had a blast nonetheless mingling with Gary, Keith, Ron, Lynn, and all the fans.


Picture 033gkr.jpg
Picture 003gkr.jpg

Picture 009gkr.jpg

Picture 029gkr.jpg

Picture 023gkr.jpg

Picture 011gkr2.jpg
Picture 056gkr.jpg
Picture 061gkr.jpg
Picture 085gkr.jpgPicture 065gkr.jpg

Picture 057gkr.jpg

See that adorable, cuddly bear with me, Mike Silva, and Lynn Cohen? It’s one of the latest items over at GKR. Go grab one!

zoe adam schein.jpgEven with the crushing loss (followed by two thrilling wins to take the series!), the night featured many highlights, including: 1) Seeing sweetheart Loud Mouth Adam Schein again, who was at the SNY suite with his proud parents (aww!), 2) Getting a fist-bump from Mr. Met, who nodded when I asked “So, you recognize me now?” and 3) Seeing the adorable Matt Yallof at Gate A doing the post-game show along with Mazz and Harold Reynolds. We reminisced briefly about our fun times hanging out at spring training. I heart Matt Yallof.

Picture 089gkr.jpg

Picture 095gkr.jpg

Stay tuned for further pics from Shea outings coming soon, as well as the Mets moments we love to relive here.

Time to beat the Fish. Let’s Go Mets!!


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