TV’s Ted Berg

Remember when I began my campaign to get’s Ted Berg on the air? That was fast! The online Mets world’s own Teddy Berg made his debut as a SportsNite talking head last night, Thursday, which you can see here. Here’s what TV’s Ted Berg looks like. He looks much like Regular Ted Berg, except in a nicer shirt.

Picture 711.jpg

Picture 710.jpg

Picture 712.jpg
Picture 713.jpg

See? How can you want to keep that baby face off TV. But seriously, cap tip to Ted, who’s always got a nugget of info and solid opinion to share. Great job, buddy!

I’ve been gone for the equivalent of a blog century! This is because work and social life have been crazy busy, but also because I’ve been using my Mets blogging time toward this new venture I’ve been hinting at…which will debut any moment now…involving some friends you’ve seen here before…

Just know I’ll be back tomorrow with such fun pics and stories to share from recent time at Shea, starring some more of your SNY favorites.

And I’m going to go out on a limb and say that when I come back tomorrow, our boys will STILL BE IN FIRST PLACE!

Let’s just bring out this vintage foam finger salute to our first place Metsies, shall we?





    Hooray! Thanks again for launching the get-me-on-TV campaign. Any chance you’re ready for a follow-up, get-me-my-own-show-and-giant-raise bid?

    I kid, of course. Thanks much. I like the picture of me with the “RESPONSIBLE FOR TURNAROUND?” font. Makes me feel like we’re debating whether I am responsible for the Mets’ turnaround.

  2. pickmeup

    I thought the same thing–Ted Berg responsible for Mets Turnaround! Except…ya know…the not so much part 😉

    My plan was to post yesterday (Saturday) after the game, when I get home around 11:30 latest. Usually. I got home at 1:30 AM last night, after 14 innings!

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