Wheee! Keep it up boys!!

8 in row.jpg

I hope Pedro’s shoulder isn’t anything to worry about–he came out of the game with what they’re calling “tightness.” Originally, though, the broadcast reported that the problem was a slight groin strain.

Fox’s Ken Rosenthal stated, matter of factly, “I just kind of exchanged looks with Pedro, and he pointed to his groin area.” If I needed proof that part of me is still 12? I gave a “hee hee.

I’m at the game tomorrow night, so I’m hoping for some continued magic to watch on that field!


One comment

  1. drtmuir@earthlink.net

    Zoe, my mother and I are no better- I wish I could remember the details, but I was watching Sports Center with Mom once, and their ex-jock du jour was describing a players’ injury as being “to his man area.” I think I fell off the couch, and Mom spit her beverage.

    That’s a beautiful number 8 you’ve got up there– reminds me of those trippy old Sesame Street animations.

    Let’s go into the All Star break with a win!

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