The Pelfinator. And Ted Berg!

I love this quote from our boy Mike Pelfrey after his more than impressive shut-out performance (with no walks!) last night. (I’ve removed most of Pelf’s signature “you knows” and slight stammering):

John Maine and I have been–we have a lot of talks and you know he kind
of fills me in on life and baseball and stuff, and that’s one thing
that I talked to him about. I said early in the year, like, I felt like
when I was losing, I felt more like in order to fit
in you have to feel like you can help these guys. And I feel like I can
help this team win, which makes me feel a little more a part of it now.

With that one answer, Mike told us so much. 1) John Maine seems to have taken on a leadership role among the younger pitchers. He’s doing it in his own quiet way, but I think he’s helped guys like Pelfrey and Joe Smith cope with the non-baseball aspects of the game. With the “life” part, as Mike says. John sets a great example for the young guys, especially off the field. He’s like the pitching David Wright! If perhaps a bit less eager. 2) Pelfrey finally feels like he fits in. He’s a member of the team. He’s got his confidence. It took two years, but Pelfrey’s told us he’s finally a Met in all respects. That’s huge. 3) “I can help this team win.” If we didn’t hear anything else from Big Pelf, that’s all we would need. Yes, kid, you can help this team win.

Which is not to ignore the offense. Keep it up bats!! The boys are finally where they need to be hitting-wise, and although we know it probably can’t last the whole rest of the season, let’s hope the team takes full advantage of its hitting streak and racks up a nice pile of wins to pad the numbers for the rest of the year and take some of the pressure off our guys’ shoulders.

ted.jpgBut now onto another crucial matter.

Do you know Ted Berg? If you don’t, make sure you take a look at these hilarious and fun-filled Matt and Ted adventure clips from At the Sports Museum of America, Phillies Road Trip Part 1 (a must see!), and Part 2.

What have you learned? That Ted is truly hilarious. If you scan his Flushing Fussing column, you’ll see that he’s also a great baseball commentator who keeps a keen eye on anything that could help the team, from players in the farm system, to possible trade ideas. So here we have an SNY employee with impressive Mets insight and a likeable, humor-filled personality. That’s our Ted Berg!

What’s more? SNY knows their demographic better than anyone. Trust me, I know. There are no commercials for women on that channel. Thanks, Giuseppe Franco, but my hair grows just fine. I have to imagine that the young male demographic makes up much of SNY’s viewership. So why not give them one of their own? Ted’s in his 20’s, and SNY doesn’t have any on-air talent that young. Let him represent that particular segment of the Mets fan population.

But best of all? Ted’s so much less obnoxious than some of the commentators/screamers they’ve got on there now. I won’t name names. But I’ve already told you I enjoy Adam Schein, so I don’t mean him.

Come on, SNY, let’s get Teddy on TV. And I don’t mean like this: his adorable “oopsies” debut on the post-game show seen here. Aww, Teddy.

Finally, a reminder: make sure to vote for David Wright!! Every vote counts!




    Yes, we love us some Ted Berg. Funny how Mets culture has become full of these little cult heroes. I think it’s just because we have a surplus of charming people. 😉

    Zoe, I just want to remind everyone that the foremost duty of every Mets fan now is to get our D-Wright into the All Star Game. He is SECOND in the LEAGUE in RBIs, for Pete’s sake. Him not going is just crazy.



    do sny employees get discounts from giuseppe franco because ted berg’s got a healthy head of hair going

  3. nikki73

    I’ve voted David close to 75 times since Monday. I even sent the info. to friends who are not baseball fans, asking them to vote. On Pelfrey-is it just a coincidence, or has his newfound success started right around the time of Peterson’s exit?

  4. pickmeup

    I think it’s been since late May, so I think it started with Peterson still there. But there’s no doubt Warthen’s helping–he brought back Pelf’s curveball, which Peterson advised him to drop.

    It’s hard to argue. So far the Manuel-Warthan era has shown improvement all around.


    Hey, Giuseppe Franco doesn’t even own the Procede company. He’s just some guy who knows the best hair-thickening product on the market when he sees it. In other words, since I’m no Gary Busey, I get nothing from Franco. This hair is all natural.

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