Big, big game. With Good Pedro, please. Oh pretty  please.

When Tatis gets to the ball park today, he’ll find this note in his locker:

billythanksjpeg.jpgI was at my folks’ house yesterday in Brooklyn, watching the game with my mom, and there we were (again!!) with a relatively comfortable 2-run lead in the 9th, one tiny strike away from victory. I was feeling so good about it! I started composing my blog entry in my head. It was going something like this:

Our Mets have given us two strong wins in a row. During arguably their most important series so far this season. Well, we need three. It’s down to the final game vs. the Phils. Do we still have a .500 team? Or are they starting to battle past that roadblock? This series could be a microcosm for the season. Never before has 2 out of 4 seemed so many light years away from 3 out of 4. If we can only…

Oh. Holy. Crap.

And yes, that part–in my head–would be when I watched Jayson Werth make contact with Billy Wagner’s ball and send it flying into the stands at Citizens Bank Park.

You can imagine how my thoughts changed at that moment. But thank goodness the team stayed in the game, didn’t give up, and fought for that 12th inning victory. Kudos to Fernando Tatis for coming through in the clutch, and to Joe Smith for going longer than he’s used to and giving us one helluva job.

But, well, we’re back at the importance of tonight’s game now. We just plain need to win it. Not only that, but we need to see many, many more positives than negatives in Pedro’s performance.

Keep fighting, boys. Take this series past .500.
And ya know, if given the chance Wags, feel free to make it much less interesting.




    I literally went nuts when that ball left the park… I was throwing things and screaming (I think Ryan was scared. Though maybe not… he’s been through this with me before). So when Tatis did his thing, I was screaming again, but in a much better way.

    And I was actually ok with the rain delay — it gave me a chance to run some errands and then come home and have dinner while watching the game!

    Big game tonight for Pedro… HUGE! I have a good feeling about it… fingers crossed.

    (Love your Billy note!)

  2. nikki73

    Who would’ve thought Billy would get into this game tonight? I don’t know whether to be mad at them for the stress they continue to put us through, or happy that they’re finally above .500.

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