A nice win for the SNY viewing party

Picture 007.jpgLast night a group of Mets fans gathered at the Village Pourhouse in the East Village (and four and a half blocks from my apt!)–sponsored by SNY–to watch what would become a healthy win against the Cards. We saw Tony Armas Jr. battle out of early trouble in his first start as a Met, and our boys’ bats came alive, especially David Wright’s, who went 3 for 4 including his 16th home run of the season. Nice! Delgado, too, proved once again that salt-and-pepper goatee = hits, while dyed black goatee = not so much.

Now let’s see…two in a row? Dare we dream?

Here are some snaps from the fun gig, guest-starring Matty, Ted, Coop, CrazyMetGirl, SNK, Corey, and Dykstraw. With a special (super short!) appearance by Mr. Met. By now, we’re getting to be old friends he and I.

zoe mr met.jpg

Picture 005.jpg

Picture 010.jpg

Picture 001.jpg

Picture 009-sny.jpg

Two notes!
1) I’m wearing my awesome GaryKeithandRon.com tank top, which isn’t yet available by regular order on the site. BUT if you order whichever design you like in a t-shirt, there will be a box for notes and just specify that you want it in tank top form, in what size, and it’s yours!

2) Awww, Matty! Our good buddy Matt Cerrone followed this fine evening by stubbing-slash-mutilating his toe, breaking it and facing at least two weeks walking on crutches. Heal fast, Matt! We know you love the team, but you don’t gotta support the Alous and El Duques of the world by suffering an injury that turns out to be much worse than it could have been!


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