Aw, thanks!

Thanks to you readers for making Pick Me Up Some Mets not only the most-visited Mets blog at this season, but also the most-visited fan blog of any team. I’m glad we got the Mets up there at the top!

Considering all the awesome Mets bloggers I know and read, it’s safe to say that we Mets bloggers, at least, are wayyyyy over 500 😉





  1. nikki73

    Congratulations! I try to stop by every day. Love the insight. Now, if we can only get the team up to the top too. Keep up the great work!

  2. hale04

    CONGRATS! Normally I am the kind of person who reads blogs and forums, and never comments or posts anything. And I have to say that I postively love reading your blog…so a huge, huge congrats from a mets fan down here in Texas! I think I’ll have to start commenting more often. To copy the person before me, “keep up the fabolous work!”

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