2008 Subway Series: 4-2 Mets

I’ll take that.

The woods, we are still in them, as in “not out yet.” The team is still playing 500 ball at best. Great one day, frustratingly flawed the next. Kind of like our Ollie Perez. He was awesome at Shea today, thrilling to watch, even in the pouring rain (which yes, I sat through the whole time, thankfully brief.) He seemed to send the Yankees toppling down one after the other, like the bowling pins at Port St. Lucie’s Duffy’s.

But Ollie, we need you to do that when it’s not a big market game too. When it’s “just” the 2nd division teams, like the Mariners. We need you to treat every game like it’s an adrenaline pumper. Gary Cohen thinks Warthen’s worked out some kinks in Perez’s delivery, but they said that about a tip from Pedro during Ollie’s last good start. So can he internalize these coaching tips for more than one game? Let’s hope so. We’ve got huge battles ahead, including the series against the Phillies, and we fans are all just chomping at the bit for our boys to do their best a few games in a row.

schein.jpgA highlight of my trip back to Manhattan included meeting SNY’s Adam Schein on the 7 train. Like all the SNY folks I’ve met or know well–Keith, Ron, Gary, Matt Yallof, Kevin Burkardt, Matty Cerrone, Ted Berg, and behind-the-scenes dudes Dan, Gerard, Greg and Mets Weekly cameraman Max–Adam Schein is a doll. If you don’t watch Loud Mouths, his show with Chris Carlin, I recommend it. They’re funny, insightful, entertaining, and low on the obnoxious meter, which can’t be said of all of SNY’s new programming this season. Adam spoke very highly of his SNY coworkers, which just goes to show what I’ve already known since 2006. Our Mets network just plain rocks.

Let’s keep the coverage going in October, Metsies, how ’bout it?

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  1. crazymetgirl@aol.com

    I’ve been an Adam Schein fan for a while… he used to do Saturday mornings on WFAN and I adored listening to him…. glad to hear he’s cool in person too!

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