Winning: Fun! Bloggers: Fun! Lynn: Fun!

Picture 665.jpgAnother swell night at Shea, starring Lynn Cohen, Mike Silva, and Dana Brand, with special guest appearances you’ll see soon 🙂

As the team started racking up runs, helped in large part by the long-ball, Mike insisted that a certain t-shirt deserved the credit. Back on Monday, our blogger-heavy group was chosen to be the special Bubba Burger coupon-and-t-shirt winners. Since I had forgotten to unload my Bubba tee, it was still in my bag. Picture 675.jpg“It’s because of that t-shirt!” Mike exclaimed arbitrarily as D-Wright’s ball sailed out of the ballpark. I was instructed to never take the Bubba tee out of my bag again. And also, to blog about its special powers. I will comply with the latter request, Mike.

A bit later, Mike blamed Matt Cerrone and his sweet-as-pie father when John Maine gave up his first hit in the 5th. Mike had seen Matty in the parking lot, and so I assumed he was at the ballpark on “business.” I text-slash-ordered him to “Come say hi!” not realizing he was in fact there with his dad. Just to watch the game. In the awesome right-behind-home SNY seats. When I confusedly remarked, “You’re not here for work?” Matt reminded me, “I am a fan, you know.” Well, as soon as Matty and daddy left us, Johnny gave up his first hit. As Keith might have said, “How could you leave? There were outs in those seats!”

Picture 669-1.jpg
Picture 670-1.jpg

Around the 8th, we were joined for a bit by the always gracious, ever-friendly, all-around-great guy (we love him!) Kevin Burkhardt. He insists he’ll still remember me the 4th time we meet, whenever that might be in the future. I’ll hold you to that, Kevin!

Here are the rest of our fun pics, with Kevin, Lynn, Mike, and Dana. Lynn and I conveniently got our girl-talk out of the way before the game, so as not to scare away the dudes 😉 By the way, notice the awesome GaryKeithandRon tanks, to be available on the site soon! They’re long enough to be just the kind I love, and I recommend them highly!

Picture 678.jpg
Picture 663.jpg

Picture 671.jpg

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