The moment after the moment

Even as it happened, we all knew the big story of Jerry Manuel’s first game as the Mets’ manager–win or lose–would be the moment in the very first at bat when he took Jose Reyes out of the game. Jose had clutched the area around his knee, and Jerry wanted to be conservative to avoid any serious injury. As we watched Jose protest, and then finally bark something out while throwing down his helmet, we all knew we’d hear about it in the post-game show and all the papers the next day.    

But what the papers wouldn’t catch was Jose Reyes’ expression as he apologized later to Jerry Manuel. He threw his arm around his new skipper’s waist and gave the kind of “I’m sorry, I know I did bad” smile you’d expect from a puppy. Or, ya know, from Jose Reyes.  One hopes that Jose learned his lesson. But one also enjoys that sheepish “I’m sorry, papa” smile. I have a feeling that smile lets Jose Reyes get away with a whole lot, if perhaps mostly off the field.

Picture 639.jpg 



    In a precious moment of comic relief from all this drama, I deeply appreciated the shot of Joe Smith with the pink Hello Kitty backpack yesterday.

    The win, too, of course.

  2. phurrballe

    Maybe I am in the minority with you Zoe in that I wish they had not fired Willie just yet. Some of the posters on Cerrones Metblog are pretty cruel about it but I like Willie . I am with you too on whether Manuel is the answer. Crazy Met fans already have crowned him the second coming of Bobby Valentine….after 4 games? I think not. Anyway, I do not do change very well so maybe that is my problem. But lets go Mets!!!

    Lee Ellen


    Oh I’m with you, Lee– the Willie firing does leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Probably because I (foolishly?) expect the Mets to behave better than other organizations, because they are The Mets. And there have been times when the organization acted like such @$$holes, that I have had to turn away. Times in the 70s and 90s come to mind– time when the @$$holery frankly hurt more than losing– even losing to (shudder) the yankees.

    But if the Mets start winning (and I won’t say they have yet)– I think this season will still be problematic. Losing exposes and aggravates problems that don’t seem to exist when they’re winning. Winning makes everything so much easier– relationships with the press, the fans, each other. But I will continue to wonder from time to time– there was nothing wrong with Willie– why did thing have to be so wrong for him?


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