Really? You’re gonna do it like this?

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Here’s a screenshot from the moments after last night’s win v. the Angels. A smiling Willie Randolph, probably thinking “Whew, I made it for another day, at least,” claps a hand on his next day’s pitcher. “You’ll do it for me too, Johan,” you can almost hear him think. “I have faith.”

But apparently Willie was one of the last people to know he was already toast, gone, kaput. Johan Santana would not be his next day’s pitcher. He’d be Jerry Manuel’s next day pitcher. I keep thinking how Jerry and Willie seem to be so close, always side-by-side in the dugout, laughing together, partners. And yet Jerry had to know for a significant amount of time what was going on. It just feels smarmy.

Why not let Willie Randolph, Rick Peterson, and Tom Nieto sleep through the night, happy about the win. Why fire them right after their return? Why send them to CA to begin with? Why make them all wait so long if the decision had been made days ago? I know I’m not the only one with these questions, and it’s a terrible answer if the reason is that the front office thought they could sneak the story in under the radar. This story was never going under the radar, no matter how the business was done. This story was always going to be a ten-story blip on the radar.

Whether you wanted Willie fired or not, a shake up or not, I mean…badly done, Mets organization. All around, from start to finish, badly done.

I find myself disappointed that Willie is gone. I believe I had more faith in him, in the end, than I had realized. But more, I can’t imagine that Jerry Manuel is the solution, even in the short term. Could Ken Oberkfell or Dan Warthen help the current team? Maybe. I’ll hope for it.

Right now, only winning will do anything to make the current situation any better. Lots, and lots of winning.

Otherwise, I fear, the spiral of backlash against the Mets powers-that-be has truly only just begun…



  1. yagottabelieve


    Wow, what a classless move by the Mets. First they leave the poor guy twisting for weeks, then they can him 3 a.m. when the entire east coast is sleeping. Not cool. Let’s hope the shakeup does them well and the fellas play for Manuel.

    ~ Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe

  2. ceetar

    I don’t really have a problem with when he was fired timewise. between 11-12 after the game? fine. It’s that Omar/etc couldn’t make the decision after the losing streak. sure, they’ve won and then failed again, but why not give him this last chance to sustain the winning streak?

    I understand not waiting until morning. You’d have to fly the AAA guys over to Anaheim and tell them before that, so ti’s possible it gets leaked to Willie which would be bad. *shrug*

    As I think about it, it doesn’t seem as classless as it did when I woke up, but still not a clean, crisp clean-slate all around.

  3. nikki73

    While the firing was somewhat expected, the manner in which they did it was inexcusable. I wonder if they made him take a commercial flight home from Anaheim?

  4. girlontheball

    i have to say, i was 100% with you earlier in the day. it seemed shady, underhanded, and just darn right sneaky to do Willie the way they did. however… as the day went on, i started to understand. Omar’s hand was forced on this one… someone within the organization had leaked that Willie’s days were numbered, and Omar felt the only respectful thing to do was take responsibility and address the rumors before the elephant in the room took over. Sure, it would’ve been better to address him in person, but given the circumstances, I’m now starting to understand why things happened the way they did.I also think Omar kind of knows that this whole situation has really made Willie a more sympathetic character than he might have been otherwise. This is purely speculation, but Omar says he and Willie are friends, right? So… perhaps, he was giving his friend a more graceful exit. Now, I may be reaching here and attributing a bit too much intention to these actions, but… by firing him like this, after a long period of will-they-wont-they, Willie has now become a martyr instead of a scapegoat. Hm…

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