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Saturday night, I was all excited for my friend Diane to come watch the game with me at Shea. And then the rain came all Noah’s-ark-like, and the game was a no-go. Leave it to Diane, though, to help make a night at Shea fun even without an actual game. We enjoyed the Citi Field “Experience” on loge level–my 2nd time–and snapped some pics that I’ll share here.

Also, it was Shea Stadium Replica night, and they ran out of the little figurines, so at least 25,000 people were sent home from the postponed game that night. The replica? ROCKS. I heart it big time.

The other pics include (in order): 1) Diane at the Citi Field Empire Suite kitchen bar top. 2) Me snooping through the mock drawers of the sample Empire Suite kitchen. 3) Comfy, but impractically colored, fancy Empire suite upholstery. 4) Look! Citi Field view! From your fake seat! 5) Diane right by Jose Reyes’s future locker. Included in every one? A safe for the players precious jewels.

Picture 633y.jpg
Picture 635.jpg 

Picture 631y.jpgPicture 630.jpgPicture 629.jpgPicture 627.jpgPicture 625.jpgPicture 618.jpg



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