John Maine enjoys “The Office”

I made two mistakes last night. 1) Watching the game without a cocktail. Haven’t I learned my lesson!? and 2) Thinking, when we had a 5-1 lead, “Oh thank God, we’re going to win this one.” Haven’t I learned my lesson?


But you know me, always looking for the moments to enjoy even when the game itself might not provide them. This time, that moment came during John Maine’s post-game interview. The interview itself was rather depressing. My beloved Johnny was so despondent, at one point he mumbled “I don’t know what to say.”

So let’s look at what he didn’t say.

Picture 607.jpgDo you see it? Behind Johnny’s sweet, sad face? Yup, it’s the Dwight Schrute bobblehead.

Picture 607-1.jpgdwight bobble.jpg  

If Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight, gets a John Maine bobblehead, then they can be bobble buddies. (If you clicked on that link, have you ever seen a bobblehead that looks less like its player!?!)

Note to the Mets: Do you see that I’m now writing about players’ TV preferences? Let’s do something about that, boys.

Another worthy non-game moment came when Wags and Schoeney rushed to help a struggling grounds crew keep the tarp down in gale-force winds.

Gary Cohen and Ron Darling rightly worried about these lefties possibly hurting their pitching hands or arms, but let’s still give them some golf-claps for “pitching in” to offer a helping hand.

Picture 600y.jpg

Picture 601y.jpg
Picture 605y.jpg




    Re Bobbleheads. Well, yes. The Jose Reyes bobblehead. It’s a black guy with a big grin. I guess it would look less like Jose if it didn’t have the grin.

    Eating my heart out for Mr. Maine, too. He seems like such a great kid.

  2. nikki73

    Was at the game last night, so no cocktail (but, I did have a beer). It must have altered my thinking, because I too thought there was no way they’d lose. Or, maybe I haven’t learned my lesson either???

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