A heehee even after the sweep

I’m not going to go all doom and gloom. Our team’s inconsistent this season, and we know that. We all hope it gets better and stays better soon.

mojito.jpgAlthough I was out watching the final game v. the Pads at the Blind Pig with Coop and a BoSox fan friend, I always DVR the SNY broadcast. Later Sunday evening, while watching the top of the 6th, I got a chuckle. The camera focused on a vendor in the stands carrying lemonade. Keith asked “Are those mojitas?”


I believe a mojita is a mojito mixed with a spalsh of Just For Men. Apparently, they are very popular in San Diego. Keith took his daughter and her girlfriends out for dinner, and “they went through mojitas like there was no tomorrow.”

Little did Keith know that at the exact same moment as his broadcast, I was drinking my own mojito. Sans male hair dye.

I prefer to drink cocktails while watching the game as often as possible.

If you missed Keith visiting his childhood home and field with Kevin Burkhardt, make sure to check out the video at Metsblog. The best parts were the old pics and film of young Keith and his family.

At one point, Mini Keith bursts into laughter–first as a wincing snigger, then a raucous guffaw. It’s the exact same way he laughs today. I loved that.

Picture 587.jpg 



  1. crazymetgirl@aol.com

    At this point, the ONLY way to watch Mets games is with a cocktail (or 10)!!!! 😦

  2. drtmuir@earthlink.net

    Start pouring, girls.

    Actually, those drinks being “vended” at Petco Park looked like Margaritas to me. Or as Keith would probably say it, “Margaritos.” It’s always hilarious to me to hear this man with a Spanish surname cheerfully massacre the Spanish language.

    Yes, Zoe, I also LOVED the shots of Little Keith with Missing Teeth!!

    You know, I think as the Mets get worse, I love GKR more.

    I feel something like I used to feel years ago, when I was dating a hopelessly ditzy guy with an awesome mom.

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