One of the best nights at Shea ever!

Picture 007-1.jpgVery little could have made last night’s game vs. the Dodgers more fun. Let’s start with this: Gary Cohen’s wife rocks so hard (although from now on we’ll just call her Lynn!). All Mets fans should know how great she is, and they will, because Lynn and Gary filmed a segment for Mets Weekly yesterday–air date TBD–to help promote Lynn’s awesome t-shirts for charity. Hopefully  the camera captured her warm, funny, and utterly exuberant personality! She’s a joy to watch the game with, and boy did we have a blast.

Picture 003dl.jpgLynn invited me and the always insightful Dana Brand to dinner at the Diamond Club–my first time at the delicious buffet and not just the big ole bar :-)–overlooking batting practice. It’s possible I indulged in both cheesecake and key lime pie for dessert, although I didn’t mean to eat them both. Entirely. Friggin’ awesome desserts.

Picture 014lc.jpgThen I saw our seats: Oh, what lovely seats. Third row loge box directly behind home plate. I don’t usually get to watch the games directly behind home, and yes, now I see the attraction. PLUS it was definitely a game worth watching! What a joy to see our team playing like we expect them to. A stellar game for double-dingerer David Wright, not to mention some stress-free relief pitching. How ’bout that Schoeneweis this season? I confess I was surprised to see him batting with 2 outs and a man on first, but as long as the game stayed pretty, it was hard to complain. Maintaining a lead all game even when the opposing team makes a move to battle back, and then tacking on some insurance runs in late innings? What’s not to enjoy. And kudos to Vargas for continuing to pitch like we need him to.

Picture 047.jpgThe late innings for our little group were spent in the SNY suite at Shea–a spiffy place to indulge in…erm…more desserts and listen to the Gary, Keith, Ron broadcast while watching the game in person. I thought the bright blue and orange napkins everywhere were a charming touch.

Finally, already giddy with victory and way too much sugar, I couldn’t have been more excited when Lynn arranged for us to pay a brief but thrilling visit to the SNY broadcasting booth. On hand were Gary, Keith, and Ron, all smiles even after their tough night of work. Keith had to hurry along, but he was gracious enough to pose for a pic with me and Gary. I heart that pic, and I will treasure it forever (like I do my pic from spring training with Ron Darling, Matt Yallof, and Coop!). Gary couldn’t have been more friendly and endearing–what a great guy we have in him. On his way out of Shea, he talks with the fans every night. And he continues to prepare for every game the same way he did when he started out 20 years ago. He truly cares about giving us the best broadcast possible, and I hope he knows how much we appreciate him for it. Ronnie couldn’t stay long, but I was flattered that he remembered meeting me at spring training and didn’t even need to be introduced!

Picture 059.jpgJust to avoid any possible conflict with SNY permissions or the like, I’ll keep my pics from the booth private. But here’s one from just outside the booth, along one of the hidden tunnels behind the scenes at Shea.

Picture 022.jpgMeanwhile, if you haven’t yet bought your Lynn Cohen-designed t-shirt, is featuring a Father’s Day 15% off discount through June 15. Just use the coupon code “yodaddy” for all merchandise. Cow-Bell Man loves his tee and can’t wait to get more!

Here are a few more pics from the SNY suite on our all-around special day  🙂

Picture 048-1.jpg
Picture 051.jpgPicture 045.jpg




    Zoe — this all looks amazing! It sounds like you had a fantastic night…… and I’m headed over to buy a t-shirt (or two) right now…. Clearly I purchase whatever you plug 🙂


    Oh Zoe!!– You and dear Dana, and Mrs. Lynn–what a meeting of the mensches!!! And on a winning day. You must still be spinning.


    Thanks, Zoe. This is a great write-up of a genuinely memorable evening. I’ve just put up my own write-up at blog. My piece, though, is less of an account of the evening as my own kind of schtick about the stadium and the minds of Mets fans. etc. I’m so glad you were there and thank you for bringing a camera.

  4. ceetar

    Damn, I need to have good seats (that I’m actually ticketed for/don’t get kicked out of) again before Shea closes.

    sounds like a fun adventure.

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