No win for the Movies

Picture 004y.jpgNo one can deny that last night’s game vs. the Braves held some painful moments for all Mets fans watching. But for a large group of us, we were seated in cushy chairs, eating nachos, drinking beer (or, in my case, wine–I know, I know), and pocketing our surplus giveaway items.

Those of us who’d been there last year admit we enjoyed the Ziegfeld more than the Chelsea Clearview–the scale was larger, the fans rowdier, and the atmosphere more Shea-like, with vendors in the aisles rather than outside the theater. Plus, the proximity to the SNY studios meant that we had guests like Matt Yallof, Lee Mazzilli, and even Bud Harrelson to entertain us. But still, this year some fun moments eased the gloom of another gutting loss.

Picture 003_1y.jpgThe good:

  • The company. I was joined in my row by Regis of Metsblog and Mets Heads and his fiancee Mary, Dykstraw and his girlfriend Nicole, and the Coop!
  • Mr. Met! He gamely posed with fans, helped the Pepsi Party Patrol toss out t-shirts, and acted as overall morale-booster.
  • Thumbnail image for kids tee.jpgGiveaways: Pink Mother’s Day cap, rally towel, and–to my joy–the kids t-shirt I’d wanted so badly commemorating Shea Stadium.

  • Cooperative event planners: When I asked if they could put the pre-game show on the big screen like they did last year, the folks in charge of the event did so within minutes. However, Dykstraw then blamed me for making him watch Willie Randolph being interviewed larger than life. Oops. (Unfortunately, Metsblog Matty got bumped–so there was no giant Cerrone mug shot to capture.)
  • Picture 026.jpgShea announcer Alex Anthony. Hearing the voice of Shea really makes this event. Alex Anthony asked trivia questions between innings and gave away prizes including game tickets, Jose Reyes figurines, and a 1986 World Series DVD.
  • The Pepsi Party Patrol: I think there were more of them last year, but the PPP did its best to toss out t-shirts to as many viewers as possible.

The not-so-good

Oy, our team. I still think each individual player is letting the pressure get to him, and I still recommend that that the front office hire the clubhouse its own Dr. Melfi.

I stand by Big Pelf, and I think he’s still making progress, but yes, last night’s outing was a step back. I found myself wondering who our long man would be with Sosa gone–not that I’m aching for his return. Are they testing Feliciano in the role? Is Joe Smith too valuable later in the game to see if he could be an earlier multi-inning guy? Will Matt Wise stop pulling a Heilman and giving up the long ball?

Or will anyone even talk at all about the pitching and bullpen with all this “Fire Willie” or “Quiet Willie” or “It’s Willie’s fault” hullabaloo going on at every moment? I haven’t been a Willie-hater, but I can’t pretend to have enjoyed his recent descent into even more defensiveness than usual. I don’t relish the distraction from the actual baseball. I’m sure the team can’t either. As Regis said of the whole situation, regarding us fans, “Morale is low.”

But in true Pick Me Up Some Mets fashion, I’m working on pulling some fun out of an otherwise dreary series. Stay tuned for a game to help the Metsies find their bats…

And in the meantime, here are some more snaps of the Movies event at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas

Picture 001y.jpg
Picture 019y.jpg

Picture 002y.jpgPicture 018y.jpg
Picture 022y.jpg
Picture 028.jpg
Picture 030.jpg
Picture 014.jpg


  1. coopz22

    i heart our picture together!! next time though, maybe you can get a close up of my nostril hairs with Dykstraw!!


    Hey Zoe– things are a little brighter, at least for the moment. Those last three games were such a relief and a pleasure.

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