Movies = bats?

Hope so!

mets movies.jpg
I’ll be going to the Mets at the Movies event at the Chelsea Clearview tonight with Coop, and there will be lots of bloggerati there too–so expect fun pics!
Thumbnail image for gkrtshirt2.pngIf you’re there, say hi. I’ll be wearing my t-shirt. Although the one I have now is a size too large, the lovely Lynn Cohen is sending me a smaller one to wear in the future! Love.

If this year’s event is anything like last years, it’ll be a lot of fun. ALSO they’ll likely show the pre-show on the big screen. Now, Wednesday is Matty’s Metsblog minute (or whatever they call it), so there he’ll be, larger than life.

matt indiana copy.jpg

You know what that means, right? Matt Cerrone and his cinematic hero Indiana Jones will both be on movie screens this May.

He’s one step closer to Indiana Matt.

Now let’s just get our Metsies one step closer to the NL East title, okay boys!?


One comment


    I bet that game looked even worse on a big screen.

    Oh well, I hope you had fun anyway.

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