Don’t discount the Pelfrey thing

It’s very easy after losing a 4-game series against the Nationals to overlook the good stuff. Very easy. Who isn’t frustrated, especially with the offense? Dudes, score some runs.

pelf.jpgBut keep in mind how huge it is that Mike Pelfrey may have turned a corner–and that was one big, hulking corner. Has he figured certain things out?

1) He ditched the Evil Mouth Guard. Pelfrey is once more pitching with tongue. Should we call it French pitching? Whatever the guard was doing–whether it was tipping pitches, distracting Pelf, reaching out from his teeth to alter the course of the ball–evidence shows that Mike Pelfrey pitches better without the mouth guard. Please let it be retired forevermore.

2) He wasn’t trying to “do too much.” Pelfrey admitted that for his past two starts–the improved ones–he was feeling under the weather. This meant he wasn’t over-pitching, he wasn’t over-thinking, he wasn’t trying too hard. He was just trying to get through. Moral of the story: Either we need to figure out the magic key to getting Pelfrey out of his own head so he can just throw the ball, or we need to figure out how to keep small strains of viruses around him at all times.

Now the team heads uptown, and I head into Yanks fan territory. My closest friend from college gets married tomorrow–to a die-hard Yankees fan (though a nice one). With tons of Yankee fan friends. With whom I’m spending tonight and most of tomorrow. METS: Please do not subject me to hours of baseball-related taunting. If nothing else, just play hard. For goodness sake, just play hard.



  1. yagottabelieve

    Hiya Zoe..

    The Big Pelf has looked sharp his last few starts. If he keeps it up, that gives the Mets four good young starters on their staff. Speaking of looking sharp… way to beat the Yanks today!

    I wrote a poem about the win — in particular, toppling Joba — on my site.

    Let’s go Mets!

    Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe


    Yay, good game yesterday. And I’m stuffing the ballot box for Ryan Church. As Meg Frost of says:
    “Vote! Vote! Vote!
    Like a baby stoat!
    Stoat! Stoat! Stoat!
    Cast a leetle vote!”

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