Keith moment…

I was at Shea last night, somewhat moaning in despair at the game and making up songs about Aaron Heilman that I’ll refrain from repeating here.

But I always DVR the games just in case there’s something juicy to learn from the SNY commentators.

danskin_01.jpgLast night? Keith happily related that in cold weather, he used to wear ladies’ Danskin tights under his uniform–for size 5’10” and larger–that went down even to his feet. (A tip he learned from Barry Bonds’ father Bobby Bonds.) A charming uni tidbit from our favorite Metrosexual.

Of course, with those uniforms back in the 80s, ladies’ tights were about all you could squeeze under them.

Keith went on to tell the story that Ted Simmons of the old Cardinals team used to forgo underwear altogether under his polyester uniform–which apparently was somewhat see-through–and fans in the box seats sent in tons of letters demanding he wear some shorts to “cover it up.” Gary Cohen’s response: “That may be a little too much information.”

You know what’s too much information? When Keith then asked Gary, “Did you ever wear a cup?” and Gary responded, “Yes. But not in the booth.”


One comment


    Hey, those things are useful I put the BF in a pair of those for Halloween one year, and it worked fine.

    Those guys are a treasure. They keep me watching even when games are like– well, like last night. 😦

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