Well isn’t that special?

church lady.jpgHere’s my current Mets-related goal: Let’s make Ryan Church an All-Star. Go vote at MLB.com!

Last night’s win against the Nationals was another Church banquet: a 4 RBI night for our Ryan against his former team. Even if his production drops off as the season progresses, he’s out-performed every expectation and even saved Omar Minaya from some (some!) of the boo-birds. Not too shabby.

Our buddy Dykstraw wants to round up a group of us bloggerati to represent in the bleachers section wearing old lady wigs and retro glasses as the “Church ladies.” The goal of the gathering? To urge people to vote for Ryan Church, our All-Star. Will it actually happen? Who knows. Still, go vote!

On a completely different note, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I have in the past enjoyed Gary Cohen’s wife, Lynn’s, foray into t-shirt production. Gary, 1883, hair. Nuff said.

But now Lynn, Gary, Keith, and Ron have directed their impressive t-shirt prowess toward even loftier goals than celebrating Gary Cohen’s birthday with the creation of garykeithandron.com to “Pitch in for a good cause.”

Available for purchase are four t-shirts, featuring designs that celebrate every awesome Gary Keith Ron moment, from “It’s Outta here!” to Ronnie’s pitching renown to Keith’s mustache, tootsie pop, #17, and–yes–even the Crocs! It’s too cool to bear, and a t-shirt can be yours for $20.99-$22.99, with the proceeds going to the sportscasters’ favorite local charities.

Almost just as cool, Garykeithandron.com aims to be “interactive with fans being able to submit their favorite Gary, Keith, and Ron stories, as well as photos of people wearing thee tee shirts.” I mean, that’s just fun.

Kudos to Lynn Cohen for spearheading this worthwhile endeavor with such humor, creativity, and affection. Just goes to show you, behind every great woman is a man in an SNY booth 🙂

Here are the tees!
Right now they’re only listed on the site in sizes Large and XLarge, but women’s Small and men’s XXLarge are currently available by request (just make a note in your order) and will be listed on the site soon!

My t-shirt should be coming soon, and I am psyched 🙂 Can you guess which one of the 4 I ordered?



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