I’ve got tickets for the game tonight, but what do we think are the chances it’s going to happen?

NY 1 says the rain will “taper off” this evening.

But will the outfield be too soggy no matter what?



  1. drtmuir@earthlink.net

    Sorry for you they didn’t play, but it’s working out well- I thoroughly enjoyed the game today. Not pretty, but a great example of what they can do if they pick each other up! So to speak. 😉 Now go out and get’ em in the nightcap. I can actually remember when they used to play scheduled doubleheaders!

    I just want to say, Zoe, that not only is your blog always thoughtful and funny, but I find your kind heart and patient, optimistic nature absolutely refreshing– fandom seems to be fraught with emotional dangers lately– you keep it humane.

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