My hero!

Just when I think I can’t appreciate John Maine more…


supermaine.jpgToday, the offense came straight from the Mets League of Justice.
Not only did the bats came alive (including Luis Castillo, whom–I confess–I had started calling Luis Castillohno), but–joy!–our boys came through with actual runners in actual scoring position. Indeed, it was a day of all-around crisp, pretty baseball.

And John friggin’ Maine, you gave us what we needed so badly. Not only innings, but great, efficient innings, putting those Dodgers in their place. Getting out of trouble in the rare moments you found it (until the 9th, but that’s a huge “so what”). The stuff of superstars.

I would pat your back, John Maine, but all I’d feel is that sweet, sweet superhero cape.


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