Indy loves the Mets!

I knew Indiana Jones was one of the coolest characters EVER. But I didn’t realize he’s a Mets fan!

indy sched.jpg

A new and different way to promote the premiere of the next Indy flick, but I kinda like it 🙂



  1. ceetar

    I looked at the schedule and I was thinking to myself “Why is indiana jones staring at me?”

    The annoying H’s for the holiday inn are annoying though.

  2. nikki73

    Indy is on all the MLB teams schedules. I guess he’s rooting for everyone, and not solely the Mets.

  3. pickmeup

    Oh, Indy, you fickle baseball fan. I’ll choose to believe that if the Mets had been around when the Indy films take place, his fedora would totally be blue and orange.

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