Foam Finger Figueroa Fun


Sunday: What a great day at Shea!

Do I have any James Bond fans in the house? Imagine Shriley Bassey…as a Mets fan.

Foam Finger
It’s the team, the team with the pretty win.
See, they still win.
Such a home finger
You say where are the cheers at Shea?
But not today.

Anyone who doesn’t love Nelson Figueroa is dead inside. The feel-good story of the season came through for us again, prompting the music powers-that-be at Shea to let us know we were “Gettin’ Figgy with it.”

Picture 022-1.jpgAnd how ’bout that Ryan Church?? Ever see a ball in the outfield that Carlos Beltran can’t catch? Ryan did! Man, that 7th inning Beltran-slides-Church-strides catch had the stands roaring in appreciation. Church jogged back to the dugout alongside Beltran to thunderous applause.

Picture 025-1.jpgBut the story of the day you’ll hear most about, of course, was Carlos Delgado’s 2-home run extravaganza. After the first one, Mets buddy Rob next to me said “I can see his smile all the way from here.” Matty’s doing a great job of covering “CurtainCallgate,” which unfortunately seems to be eclipsing the coverage that Hey, we won the rubber game against a crucial rival. Against John Smoltz, whose ERA was under 1 at the beginning of the game. We scored in multiple innings to keep the lead throughout the whole game.

It was pretty baseball. I missed pretty baseball.

Picture 031-1.jpgAnd as for my own two cents, if Delgado’s going to explain that he didn’t do a curtain call because he respects the game too much to show boat, I’m fine with that.

I will so be rocking my friggin’ foam finger in the future, folks.

Picture 006ff.jpg
Picture 010-1.jpg

Picture 004ff.jpg

Thumbnail image for Picture 005ff.jpg
Picture 018ff.jpg



    I’m kinda jealous of the foam finger… I may need to make a quick stop at the Mets shop next time I’m at Shea 🙂

    I’m so over the Delgado discussion. Everybody needs to build a bridge and get over it.

    Got my Mets purse today! So excited… it’s just big enough for my (small) wallet and my camera –perfect! Thanks again for your shopping suggestions!

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