Casting some of the vitriol away from the team

Hey, Angel Hernandez:

xxxxxx.jpgThis will be my 3rd post in under 14 hours. Rare, but I couldn’t let this one go.

If you were watching last night’s broadcast on SNY, you heard Gary Cohen barely restraining himself from going off on 1st base ump Angel Hernandez. With perfect reason.

After Hernandez insufficiently called an out at 1st, Carlos Delgado seemed to offer a justified complaint. The camera then showed Hernandez cursing out Delgado, calling him a “piece of s**t,” when Hernandez was obviously the one in the wrong. Again.

Of course the Mets problems with Douchey Hernandez started back in 1998, when a blatantly wrong call ended an 11-inning battle vs. the Braves in their favor.

The ridiculousness continued in 2006, as reported by Matty, with completely inappropriate and unprofessional comments by Hernandez that led Lo Duca and Cliff Floyd to react visibly and vocally to not only his incompetence but also his lack of professionalism.

What does it take for the dude to get reprimanded? Fired? Anything at all? If nothing else, he should be barred from calling Mets games, when he so clearly has a personal vendetta. Angel Hernandez, you win Massengill Ump of the Season.




    I totally missed this! Wow, I really wish there was some way to hold these umps accountable for their actions.


    I totally caught that. he repeated it about 3-4 times, so I was able to confirm thats what he was saying; “you effing POS”
    I was suprised carlos handled it as well as he did, I thought the players were supposed to be the hot heads, and the umps able to take a verbal lashing…
    Delgado spoke with the home plate ump as soon as the inning was over, but I doubt that ump can take any action against doucebag hernandez during a game.


    Zoe, I hope yesterday “picked you up” a little bit– and hope that Mr. Maine is OK. A lovely moment on the broadcast showed Carlos Delgado big-brothering John in the dugout.

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