Frustrated faces

I don’t like to blog about a game before it’s over–and at this point in the bottom of the 7th, with Feliciano warming up, hey, we can still pull off the win against the Nationals. But oy. These are not the faces I want to see. Grippy-lips means runs given up.

Picture 535.jpg

Hang on. Did Delgado just miss that ball to score them another run?

And…really? Did Sosa just give that hit up? The score was 7-4 when I started writing. 10-4 by the end. But…it was such a short little entry!

Yikes. Even Kevin Burkhardt’s attempt at humor, interviewing giant, silent, presidential muppets can not save this inning.

I always know I shouldn’t live blog!!!

So let’s just end with a “Who Knew?” moment. Go figure Carlos Beltran (age 31) and Chipper Larry Jones (age 36) share the same birthday, today, April 24th. And both got home runs on this birthday.

Now I’m going to watch the 8th curled up in bed. I might start sucking my thumb.


Picture 537.jpg
P.S. (For real? And 1st base umpire Angel Hernandez just called Carlos Delgado a “piece of s**t.”)

What kind of game is this!?


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