Check it out!

Don’t miss these couple posts from Hot Foot:

First, a video of Joe Smith running his yap at the Cubs fans in Chicago. Originally Matty posted this over at Metsblog, but it has since vanished there. I’ve been disappointed in Joe Smith since spring training. Not in his pitching–so far he’s done right by the team on the mound. But when it comes to fan relations, the dude could use some work. In that respect, he’s the anti-John Maine. I know they’re buds, so Johnny, teach your boy Joe some better manners. (Yes, I know he’s going off on Cubbies and not Mets fans, but still. Just not classy.)

Second, there’s a link to an adorable Q&A with David Wright. Worth the read if you want a smile.

We could use a smile with Brian Schneider likely headed on the DL. An overnight stay in the hospital doesn’t sound promising. Zoë to Thumb: Heal fast. I quite like me some Brian Schneider.


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