What to wear…or get your wife/girlfriend/sister, etc.

high crystal clutch.jpgWhile in Philly, I was stopped about 5 times and asked where I’d gotten my women’s John Maine tee. The answer? At the new outdoor (but closed in) store at Shea, the one by the tickets near gate E. My other latest attention-getting acquisition has been my crystal logo clutch, which countless dudes and women have been asking about since spring training. (Yes, I’d prefer if it was embroidered and not crystaled, but oh well.)

I was reminded of how many emails from both dudes and ladies I got back in 2006 when I set up mock-designs of how I wish they’d make the Mets women’s clothes. Maybe they could actually fit well–not too short and too big in the bosom. Maybe they could lay off the crystals and rhinestones. For goodness sake, why do they ruin all the decent shirts with the crystals and the rhinestones!?

It’s not just the Mets clothes. Matty’s wife, a devout Yankees fan, also has trouble finding gear she likes. But, well, I’m not here to clothe the Yanks fans. I will, however, offer my own personal favorites available currently on Mlb.com.

Zoe’s Personal Preferences in Available Online Mets Merch And Yes She Wishes She Got Commission

The starters:
1) I would love this jersey purse to add to my Metscessories.
2) One of the few decent vintage women’s options: a women’s Cooperstown t-shirt
3) This crystal wristlet is an adorable smaller version of my logo clutch.
4) A basic retro sweatshirt hoodie for even the less girly fans.
5) I find it hard to resist a youth ringer tee (kids medium for women’s small), like this one with the last-season-at-Shea-logo.

And yes, there are a few Touch by Alyssa Milano options that I would wear:

6) A fitted black zip hoodie. A bottom ruffle, yes, but looks like a good fit.
7) This button-down black top, which I really like! But which they don’t seem to have available anymore in small, which sucks.
8) I admit, I would wear this empire-waist tunic out to watch the game at my local Blind Pig, and I’d probably even wear it to Shea, too. In fact, it’s toward the top of my list. A little sexy, a little girly, but not slutty (very important that!)

The bench:
9) This long-sleeved thermal looks like it’s cut long enough–a rarity in Mets merch–even if I’m not entirely sold on the swirly thingies under the logo.
10) I would have liked this black velour jacket at the 2 April games I’ve been to so far, but I worry it may be a bit short-waisted.
11) A basic gray (for away games?) youth tee that I’d wear for a break from blue and orange.

high bag jersey.jpg
high cooperstown tee.jpg
high crystal wristlet.jpg

high vintage full zip hoody.jpg
high kids shea tee.jpghigh alyssa button down.jpghigh alyssa jacket.jpg

high alyssa empire top.jpg
low longsleeved white.jpg
low velour jacket.jpg

low youth gray tee.jpg


  1. crazymetgirl@aol.com

    Zoe — you are very dangerous!!! I just bought the jersey purse!

    Normally visiting these blogs doesn’t cost me anything…. lol

  2. jpwalsh1129@gmail.com

    I second the ban on crystals and rhinestones and can I add the possibility of maybe laying off all the David Wright business. I’m not talking about the jerseys but all this ‘I *heart* David Wright/Looking for Mr. Wright/Mrs. Wright nonsense that they keep producing in WOMEN’S clothing.

    I get it, he’s cute. But as much as this may be hard for MLB to believe some women do just like the team, we aren’t all in it just for David Wright. Off to get my Mets purse…..: )

  3. drtmuir@juno.com

    LOVE the Mr. Met – I have a bootleg “Mr Met Digs the Longball” t that I got on Ebay. You’ve done a good job of ferreting out some good stuff from a pretty sorry selection. HATE the crystals, hate the rhinestones, Alyssa’s stuff is no good unless you’re under twenty-five, and/or taut as a drum. 😛

    What I wish I could find is a good ORANGE t. Most of the stuff is on a blue or white background, and too many other teams have blue and/or white for their colors– so if you travel to other ballparks, you blend into the crowd. Of course, some people prefer that. But AFAIC, the only way really to fly the Mets flag, is to go in glorious, loud, sunshine-y, David Wright orange.

  4. nikki73

    The jersey bag is great–not too fancy and the perfect size for the ballpark. I love how I can just open it up for the security guards, and not have them have to rummage through a large bag. And, the strap can be adjusted longer if you wanted to wear it across your shoulder.

  5. coopz22

    I just made my contribution to the economy! Bought the Mets retro hoodie. I’ve been looking all over for one and now that the clubhouse store is closed in manhattan mall, “window shopping” waiting for the PATH after games is not happening! Can’t wait to get it!

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