Road trip fun!!!

What better time to write about Saturday’s road trip to Philly than while watching the final game of the series on ESPN? I was disappointed to see Schneider isn’t catching tonight (doesn’t seem like his bruise is serious, though) because Pelfrey has even admitted that Schneider helps him out on the mound. I don’t think we’ll see Pelf’s best without the veteran catcher. (Ok, and yeah, while I write this entry Pelfrey gives up a 3-run homer to Utley. Ack.) But in the meantime, I’ll tell you how fun it was to see our boys kick tushy at Citizens Bank Park yesterday!!! The full flickr album can be seen here.

I had nothing to worry about at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies fans were harmless. And one even congratulated me on my good-natured comebacks to his taunting. But more on that later!

Picture 003.jpgFriday night, after Coop and I reveled in Santana’s win (and the Rangers too) at the Blind Pig, we had a slumber party at her place before driving off to Philly in the morning with Anthony (aka Dykstraw) and his buddy Kevin.

Picture 009.jpgSoon, the gang was all gathered in Lot N of CBP’s parking lot to tailgate. Matty and Ted brought cameras, a mike, and SNY buddy Jason to film the experience for Tracy brought delicious food, Ryan brought whiffle ball. We had beers, games, good company, sun, fun, and an all around great time.

Picture 002.jpg

Picture 006.jpg

Picture 016.jpg
zoe bats.jpgMetsblog Matty had requested the whiffle ball, and we all took some shots. Anthony even taught me (briefly!) how to hold the bat, and I took my first 6 pitches ever. I made contact with 3: 1 popped foul, 2 straight at the pitcher.

Matt, Anthony, Ryan, and others made it look much prettier, I assure you.

Picture 032.jpg

Picture 020.jpg

Know what else makes a tailgate fun? Free stuff! Parting gifts!! A group of clever dudes had made a “Philly Sucks” t-shirt with an awesome quote from

Pedro Martinez. They gave Matty one, and when I ran over to see if they had more, they kindly gave me one too! I heart it!
It’s quite big, kids XL, but I hope I can be creative and figure out how to sport it for a Mets/Phils game at Shea. The shirt? Just plain ROCKS. (Ooh! Our boys just tied it up in the 6th! I “WOO-ed” in my own apartment!)

Coop and I heard our first real “boos” on our way into the stadium. There’s a lot of parking lot to travel from Lot N, and the walk was just one big boo.

But once inside, things weren’t so bad! I’d been told Citizens Bank Park is beautiful, and indeed, I can’t argue. On our way in, I heard a PhilsPicture 021.jpg
fan say, “Should we boo them now?” and he started booing. I turned around with a smile and said “No, you should boo us when we’re winning,” and he and his girlfriend just laughed good-naturedly.

Our seats were about as high as you can get, literally, at that ballpark. But they were still pretty good. It makes me think they’re telling the absolute
truth that every seat at Citi Field will

be worthwhile. And yes, it makes me more excited for our spanking new ball park.

We wouldn’t stay in our seats long, though. We went to meet the other Girls of Spring, Stefi and Rebecca, at their standing-room-only spots right behind home plate. What fun we would have there! Matty, Ted, and Jason stopped by to hang, Brooklyn Met Fan Adam made an appearance, and Dykstraw finally found us there too. Plus, there were Mets fans everywhere. We made friends with some–it felt like we were around our people. Yes, there was one verrrrrry obnoxious (and verrrrrry drunk) Phils fan running at the mouth, but his taunts were so truly lame that it actually felt like stand up comedy! The dude almost got beat up by his own team’s fans, so you can imagine what a dumb douchie he was.

You can’t tell from the pics, but I was wearing a shirt with John Maine’s # on the back. I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard “Is that a John Maine jersey?” I made a sympathetic face at the Phils fan and spoke slowly “It’s a tee-shirt.

“John Maine sucks!” he said.
“Your mommy,” I responded.
His friends laughed, he laughed, and he shook my hand. “That’s nice,” he said. “Hey, I’ll wear a John Maine jersey”
“If they make them in your size,” I said. He wasn’t unusually big, it just seemed like a reasonable taunt. And he agreed. I felt at that moment like a poster-child for good-natured rivalry. 

To top it all off, with all the tailgate fun, the beautiful ball park, the sun and breeze, our boys gave us the win! Oh, that was sweet. Sure, it got interesting there for a bit, but kudos to Heilman (ohhhh I was nervous!) for getting out of it, a pat on the back to Wagner for the save in his former city, and thanks to Ollie Perez for 5 truly solid innings. And how ’bout our Jose Reyes? Keep it up, buddy. The media will love their “Jose being Jose” and “Did Carlos Beltran show leadership” for at least another three weeks.

I haven’t quite figured out the best way to post pics on the newfangled mlblogs, but here are some of my faves! And remember for more, just check out the flickr album.

Picture 083.jpg
Picture 076.jpg

Picture 046.jpg

Picture 071.jpg

zoe batting.jpg

I will also let you laugh at me, in my first ever at bat. We will thank our lucky stars that our boys never look anything like this. Not even Ollie Perez 🙂



  1. smallball

    I’m a Red Sox fan, so I’ll be the first to admit that EVERY TEAM has their share of obnoxius fans, but Philly seems worse than anyone else. I mean booing Reyes when he was basically knocked out? I’ve also never understood their hatred for their own players, slumping or not. Its a shame they have such a beautiful park to fill with folks like that.
    Fun read though, keep it up!

  2. ceetar

    Doesn’t look like tooo bad a swing. Shame I couldn’t be there. I always miss out on these big group adventures, but my friend in Philly decided to come up to New York for passover and we didn’t go to the game. (I did get to Cooperstown this week though, yah baseball)

    There are apparently some reasonable Phillies fans at least.

    If anything, they’re more violent and angry than this time last year, which is weird since they won..


    Great pics! And I love your responses to the taunting… we could have used you up in Section 305!!!!

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