Let’s help Johan out, boys

The team needs to score Santana some runs tonight.

Thank goodness we got the win last night, because seeing so many men stranded on base was frustrating. But I have a feeling the offense is about to kick into gear. Whether because of Jose’s return to “being Jose,” or because Ryan Church has been on fire, or because Delgado’s going to start being more clutch, something just tells me that we’re going to score runs in Philly.

But even more important than tonight’s game being the first in an important series, the team just needs to get Santana a win. I’m not worried about Johan–I think he’ll be just great this year. I’m worried about the psychological impact on the team. Everyone called Johan the bandage, the cure-all for last season. The boys took confidence from him. He boosted morale. Well, what’s going to happen to that morale if the Mets can’t get a win with one of the best pitchers in baseball on the mound?

Tonight will be a challenge. Way harder than any of the games against the Nats. Let’s go boys! Set the table for a kick-tush (I hate the obscenity filter) time for us Mets fans in Philly on Saturday!

Let’s Go Mets!  


One comment

  1. drtmuir@juno.com

    According to Marge Simpson, it’s “whoop-tushie,” as in “a can of whoop-tushie.” Here’s that little so-and-so, Cole Hamels– RELEASE the HOUNDS!

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