A wee bit worried…

Not about our team! I love what our team’s been doing against the Nats. Of course I hope they keep it up against better clubs, but for now I am satisfied.

No, I’m more worried about my personal safety.

See, this Saturday, the Girls of Spring, Coop and I, head off to Philadelphia. We’ve had this planned forever. And I’ve been all excited. My first Mets road trip (during the season, if you don’t count spring training)! With my girl! Plus, lots of Mets fans are meeting up beforehand to pool our Metsthusiasm and make our presence felt. So, yay!

Except now people are making me scared. Last night at Shea, I bought my first player-specific t-shirt since my 2006 Cliff Floyd #30 tee, an homage to my current favorite Met, #33 Johnny Maine. “I’ll wear it to Philly!” I said to Rob. He eyed me suspiciously. “Not if you like it. You don’t know what’ll happen to it.”

What’ll happen to it? To my shirt? On my body?

The day before, another dude had warned me, “Don’t wear any Mets gear!” Well, of course I’m going to wear Mets gear, I told him. “Phillies fans are the worst,” he warned, and he told me I could get beat up or worse. I’m not even sure how much he was exaggerating.

Picture 531.jpgBeat up? But I’m a chick. Not even a threatening-looking chick. A small, rather weak chick. Well, except for my legs. I have strong legs, and I can kick to hurt. But still–you wouldn’t know that just to look at me. Here I am last night after the win, waving my Kids Club pom pom in my newest Mets cap. Would a Phils fan really beat that up?

Don’t get me wrong–I fully anticipate verbal abuse. Much, vibrant verbal abuse. Which Coop will probably yell back at, obscenely, and perhaps get us into some trouble. (I usually think of the perfect comeback line 2-5 minutes too late.) But the verbal abuse could be fun–that’s what baseball rivalry’s all about. Eh, toss whatever verbal vitriol you’ve got Phillies fans.

It’s the beating up I’d like to avoid please. And leave my new cap and shirt alone.

* * * * *

If you’ve been keeping tabs on this blog, you might know that my most popular post of 2008 so far has been the SNY Game Coverage Drinking Game. Well, last night’s SNY broadcast brought us a milestone, if you’ve been keeping score.

That’s right, it was the first time this season we’ve seen Keith Hernandez’s footwear. His warm boots, in fact. Because he knew you were wondering what was down there…

Thanks, Keith!

Picture 533.jpg



  1. Deidre

    Take care of yourself in Philly. Maybe you’ll consider what Jackie and I have done: started boxing classes! Not that we could hit anything that actually moved faster than a heavy bag hanging from the ceiling. But if an attacker — or Philly fan — stood perfectly still in front of me … I could give him a ******* of a jab, hook, undercut. It’s the moving-thing that’s tricky. Gotta work on that. Have fun! — Deidre


  2. coopz22

    Don’t worry about the Phils fans – lots of bark, no bite. I do request you bring bail money for me, LOL. Just kidding. There are plenty of Mets fans – man, woman, animal, fish – who wear their gear and nothing happens. See you tomorrow!

  3. crazymetgirl@aol.com

    I’ve been down to Philly a few times, completely decked out in Mets gear… never a problem. They talk, yeah… but like Coop said, bark with no bite. Plus, this time there will be masses of us… Safety in numbers!

    See you in Lot N!

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