Take the opportunities, boys

More than inconsistent pitching, more than unlucky injuries, what’s given me that Sept. ’07 chest squeeze (you know the one–that dastardly tightness around the rib cage) has been watching our boys strand men on base. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not there again. I still fully believe we’re going to have a great season, and I look forward to being a part of the cheering (not booing!!!) fan base.

But come on, boys. You’ve got to do two things now. 1) Plate the runs. Even if your name isn’t Angel Pagan, try some clutch hitting. Avoid some double plays. Get the men home. Please.

2) Beat up on the 2nd tier teams. This includes the Nationals. Take the wins you’re supposed to get so there’s less pressure when you’re facing better rivals. Find whatever fire or moxie or anger or pride or whatever it takes to get you playing with heart. We know you’re a more talented team than the Nationals. So don’t let them beat you by determination alone.

Okay, boys? Get yourselves in a nice little rhythm. Then I can go back to writing things like this:

Carlos, bubbe, I love you. But why with the hair?

Picture 524.jpg



  1. hmg227@gmail.com

    LOL! I agree with the hair comment (and the rest too of course), it’s been driving me CRAZY! Every time I look at him I say out loud that he’s just looks ridiculous and needs to shave his head!

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