I love Nelson Figueroa’s family

First of all, my mother’s family is from Figueroa’s hometown neck of the woods. Both my mom and grandma, like Figgy (and Mazz!) are Lincoln High School grads. Folks from Brooklyn always root for folks from Brooklyn. But then, who wasn’t rooting for Fig? What a likeable new Met. And what a stud on the mound Friday night. A truly enjoyable game to watch, including repeated exclamations–as one will say these days–of “Angel! Friggin’! Pagan!”

Off the field, my favorite moment of the SNY broadcast came care of Kevin Burkhardt’s interview with Figueroa’s family. If you don’t instantly love Figgy’s family, then you have Grinch-heart-syndrome.

Here’s proud daddy:

And cute-as-anything daughter, Renee:


And I was watching the game with a friend who went to Figgy’s college alma mater, Brandeis. So the Figgy love certainly spreads around.


One comment

  1. fordy74@yahoo.com

    The family was there for the second game he pitched as well. It’s great having a local guy who grw up a Mets fan on the roster!

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