Cashing in the Relationship Card

When you are in a relationship, every once in a while, you may play the Relationship Card. Not often, mind you! But for really important occasions, you may say–“I really need you to do this thing. This time, please, no matter what you were planning to do before, this is what I need from you.”

Metsies, I am playing our Relationship Card. You must win this game. Your final Shea home opener. Against the Phillies. I really need you to do this.

Off to Shea soon! People! Cross fingers toes and hair!

And P.S. Hey, Jimmy Rollins, I’ve got a card for you too:


Update 6:25 PM: Aaaaand there’s the difference between a team and a boyfriend. When the team throws the Relationship Card back in your face, you don’t break up with it.

However, you can totally withhold the sex.




    You guys crack me up! It just feels like september all over again. Get a lead and then the bats go to sleep while the bullpen comes in and gives the game away. I guess throw some bad defense in there for good measure. I hope big Pelf can step up tomorrow. Maybe once they know they won’t be gettin’ any they’ll wake up!


    Dear God, I needed a laugh this morning. Thanks, Zoe.

    Our hopes lay in the hands of Big Pelf. Oh, the temptation to make a relationship saved by extended tongue joke…Crap. I think I just did.

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