Do you know Jose? Does Jose know what show he’s on?

The highlight of a disappointing shortened series against the Braves may have been this “Get to know” clip of Jose Reyes. I’m not sure Fox needed to ask the scintillating question “What’s your favorite cartoon character,” but there are some truly fun moments here, including Jose singing his beloved reggaeton (he is a professional after all), Jose dancing to Soldier Boy, and the best of all, Jose thinking he’s on ESPN when in fact he’s on Fox. Love it.




  1. steve_t

    That’s hilarious! ESPN. No, Fox! Of course!

    By the way, I’ve been reading your blog since last year and I think you should have one of the “MLB Pro Blogs.” Published authors deserve it as much as, say, Alyssa Milano and more than that dog that ran for President of Red Sox Nation.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the good writing, and good luck to your team this season!



    I loved this!! I must have rewound it five times yesterday to watch it again… I had saved it on my DVR, but now that I know I can come here to see it again, I’ll erase it 🙂

    I heart him.


    Oh wow, how did I miss this on Saturday?! Thanks for posting it! José is way too funny! And he had his first television station relapse LOL! Hey, you can’t really blame him, can you? I mean he’s been busy with the game and stuff ha ha.


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