Yes I want us to win every game 13-0

Thumbnail image for 4_2_08 ollie.jpgAnd there you go–in his first trial, Ollie Perez steps up and pitches lights out. Ryan Church proves himself against lefties. The Carloses and D-Wright continue to impress. Angel Pagan keeps playing like he’s in Port St. Lucie. And fellow Brooklyn native Nelson Figeroa takes care of business in the bigs.

I’m not saying it’s always going to be like this–especially with Perez’s consistency questions–but last night our boys showed us that they’re here to win, period. Now, as we head off to face our bitter rivals in the next two series, we’ll see exactly just how deep that early season fire runs.

The only Met who could’ve given us more fire was…well…Willie. I know we had a 5-run lead at the time, and sure, we wouldn’t need the run in the end, but still. For the ump to overturn a correct call and steal a home run away from Beltran? That warrants more than a casual argument, Willie. Let your team know you’ll fight for them, this year more than any. Make the statement. I’ve never been one of the fans calling for your head, and I know it’s not your style, but throw us a bone. Once in a while, Skip, throw us a hot-headed bone.

Monday and Wednesday were both spent watching the game with many Mets friends and fellow bloggers, and it couldn’t have been more fun to have my Mets cronies around. Between Matt’s Metsblog bash at Butterfield 8 and Coop’s and my gathering at the Blind Pig, I got to experience the early season with my PSL crew Coop, Stefi, Rebecca, Dykstraw and his gf Nicole, Tracy and Ryan, as well as Matty and RegisCorey and his gf Emily, Joe JanishWillJessica, Rob, and more! All I can say is, we sure are fun 🙂

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