General announcement to the NY Mets

Gentlemen of the NY Mets,
In real life, nurses do not look like this. I’m not sure who started the clubhouse-wide rumor, but I assure you that if you get hurt, this chick is not what awaits you. Therefore, you should all stay healthy. Even past the 3rd game. For real.

Yes, everyone’s already calling doom and gloom because Pedro’s hurt, and don’t get me wrong, I’m upset about it too. But it’s only the beginning of the season, and I have a feeling about our “A-minus” players, as Willie likes to call them. Even though it’s interview rhetoric for the media, I honestly do think the rest of the team will step up for the injured players. They’ll pick them up some Mets. Even the pitchers.

I hope there can be some rejiggering of the rotation to get Maine in as the #2. I haven’t checked out the off-days to see how it would be possible, but I’m hoping for it.

Step it up, boys.



  1. yagottabelieve


    That’s a bummer about Pedro for sure. I feel awful for him. But I still think the Mets are a good team. Santana, Maine and Ollie could be the best young trio in baseball. The lineup is deep. The bullpen’s stacked. (Save for that bum Wise!.) I think they’ll be OK, and hopefully Petey comes back soon.

    ~ Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe

    PS: Love the pic of the nurse 🙂

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