Mets Grooming Report

Duquegoattee_3 Word has it that El Duque’s growing a goatee, which he will only shave once he gets a win. He debuted this new look for today’s game–his first spring start–and I feel confident in saying that he will not be shaving just yet.

On another note from SNY, Ron Darling informed us that the announcers get new shirts this year, in colors that make him nearly happy to be color-blind. Prepare yourself for such visions as "creamsicle" and "lemonade." I guess you can take SNY out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida colors out of SNY?

I’ll be debuting a new feature soon to make the SNY broadcasts even more fun. But for now, I’m just hoping that Duque shaves soon. Because that’ll mean he got the win. The new leg kick will be working. Keeping his chin down will get things done. The alternative isn’t too pretty:



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