One more on Johnny

Johnny_maine_3Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become the John Maine Appreciation Society, even though I know I’m not the only one who values our (you’d imagine, provided injuries stay away) #3 pitcher.

But you know how I enjoy SNY transcribing, and yesterday’s game provided some Maine-inspired fun. First, there was his stellar outing, which was a joy to see (but **** Daylight Savings Time and Time Warner for screwing up DVR!). Honestly, you can’t help but swell with pride whenever our humble, down to Earth dude goes out and pitches like a true ace.

But even more fun was Ron Darling and Kevin Burkhardt’s interview with Maine after he finished for the day. Ron Darling knows better than anyone how pitchers relish their hits, and he and Kevin gently teased-slash-praised our Johnny for last year’s home run. John Maine confessed that he holds it over Oliver Perez, who’s been in the National League longer. "I give him such a hard time about it," Maine said with a crooked smile. "And he doesn’t like it." Ha. But we do 🙂

Ron Darling then brought up Duffy’s, where Coop and I met and photographed with Maine.
Darling: By the way,
John, you got a ways to catch up to me. My MVP card at Duffy’s is more packed than yours."
Maine (entirely good-naturedly): I know, I know. It’s tough now because you have to sign a bunch of stuff when you go out there. It’s a lot of people there that know who the
Mets are.

Of course curiosity got the better of me, so I googled to find the Duffy’s MVP Card is a points-per-dollar promotion. I have a feeling that Ron Darling’s the type of generous guy who will treat his SNY buddies when they hang at Duffy’s. So Mainey, keep on signing for those Mets fans. You’ll have a hard time catching up dollar for dollar to Ronnie anyway.



    I hope they don’t get tired of going to Duffy’s — we need them there next year!!

    And we were at the “John Maine Home Run” game last year — he’s so awesome 🙂


    uhhhhh i certainly wouldn’t mind if you did more “I ❤ John Maine” type posts. because, um, he’s incredibly great.

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