Thinking back, I believe this trip to PSL will be the first pure vacation I’ve had in years. Usually when I go away these days it’s for a wedding. I did go to Florida last year and the year before to see my family, which I will be doing again this time around too prior to heading to PSL. Because if there’s one thing that Florida has besides spring training, it’s grandparents.

Basically, I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to something so much. In preparation, I just returned from J&R downtown, where I was surprised to see that SD cards were so reasonable. I now have 2 gigs worth of space on my camera. For photos of my wonderful grandma, grandpa, and aunt of course. But also of Johan, David, Jose, Willie, Omar, Johnny, Ollie, Carloses, Pedro, Keith, Ron, Gary, Kevin, and so many more. AND my beloved blog buddies, of course. Basically…expect some pictures. And also, duh.

A new facebook buddy recommended Hurricane Wings for their raspberry chipotle number, and Matt reports that Duffy’s Sports Grill was recommended to him. Looks like there may be a gathering of sorts on Saturday night, so stay tuned to Metsblog for more information when Matt’s got the detes finalized.

I’ve been making my packing list for days now, including the
SNY trading cards and my pink cap to be signed, my Mets fake tattoos (if I can find them!) to paste on my cheek, my Mets toggle pigtail holders, my digital recorder in case I can get any of the players to shout something out, my Mets earrings, Mets tote bag, Mets tank tops…you get the picture. I will even be sleeping in Mets t-shirts. Oh, and also, Mets.

That’s all for now 🙂




    dear zoe,

    take lots of pictures of joe smith for me, and then give him my number.


    your friend who cannot afford to go to florida.

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