Port St. Lucie in the Sky With Diamonds

Are you getting that same catch in your chest watching SNY’s coverage of spring training arrivals? Suddenly the almost 2 months until Shea’s opening day don’t seem that far away. (And bless Mets buddy Rob for taking me to it!) As to the next two weeks? They seem positively fleeting.

In two weeks, Coop, SNK, and I head out to become the darlings of Port St. Lucie. Matt Cerrone will be there as well, and if we can’t pry him out after he’s done working for a drink, I know he’s at least good for some blog photos. The dude’s a truly decent guy–and was one of my very first Mets blogosphere friends–so I give him a round of applause for all his success with the SNY folks and the Mets organization. As to my girls? Well, that’s a no brainer. Spring training with them is sure to be an utter blast.

But I’ve been thinking–for my first time at PSL (and one game in Vero Beach), I’d like to get a list of goals to check off for the trip. A scavenger hunt of sorts. Will I accomplish all the checks? Likely not. But I’ll get the list started today and keep adding to it until the whole beautiful event has passsed.

1. Meet and photograph with the SNY folks. I’ve already had my photo op and SNY card signature from the delightful Kevin Burkhardt. Next on the list is Keith Hernandez, then Gary Cohen (I already took a pic with him in 2006, but I look terrrrrible). Is Ronnie supposed to be at PSL? Think Keith will let me hug him? I will try to bring either Tootsie pops or colored pens.

2. Get the pink cap signed. The gracious Pedro Feliciano started the trend, inking his Juan Hancock under the brim. If some of my favorites were to follow? What a treasure.

3. You know me and pics. Obviously as many as possible with the players and not just of the players.

4. Get to see Johan pitch. And Pedro too. And Johnny Maine, whom I have high hopes for this season. Hold Coop’s hand while she swoons over her Ollie Perez.

5. Check out the bowling lanes where Julie Donaldson got to chill with David Wright and Paulie Lo Duca last year on Mets Weekly. That clip was adorable.

There we go–5 goals to start. More to come. And please offer your suggestions if you’ve been there before!

Here are some pics from last year with some soon-to-be Pick Me Up Some Mets PSL superstars.

Picture_0301_5 Picture_0891

Picture_0291 Picture_0071_11

Picture_338z_3 Picture_363_3


One comment

  1. mysummerfamily@gmail.com

    OOOOH I am sooooo excited! I wish we were going tomorrow!!! Maybe we should buy some tootsie pops for Keith. Ya know, so we can score some brownie points. I loooooove yoooouuu! 🙂 See you soon.

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