More Santana!!

With every passing hour, I get more excited about our newest Met. I’m feeling so giddy that I haven’t even got the patience to photoshop something cute and clever, so I’ll just refer you to Matt’s awesome "1986 Topps Santana card".

The beauty of this deal is that there’s (so far, fingers crossed, back off Evil Eye!!!) no bad side. In fact, I can only keep coming up with gleeful benefits. We’re paying basically the same money Barry Zito got last year–and we know how that turned out–but our dude is worth it. Johan’s still young, he’s healthy (don’t even think it, Evil Eye!), and he’s the best pitcher in baseball!

But even better–if it’s possible!–will be the mental effect on our team. Can you imagine going into ’08 with the psychological remnants of last September still intact? No matter what they said or did, our boys would be entering the season as losers (in the actual sense of the word), with basically the same guys on board. I can only imagine how hard it would have been to turn that around in their minds. But with one lucky, ballsy move by Omar (ballsy in that he refused to part with more), suddenly there’s a whole new energy in that clubhouse. Almost as important as his arm, Johan Santana has given our team hope.

We’re a team with Pedro Martinez as its number two pitcher. That’s just so very, very awesome.




  1. Bill

    The Mets have made it a MUST year season as they have trade away their future. Santana will be a nice cover for the pitching staff but there are question marks after him and the line up has question marks on first base, second base, catcher, and both corner outfield positions. With the farm system empty, how will they replace these players in 2009 and beyond?

    The Phillies Mets rivalry will sure be fun this season!


    The Mets, on the contrary, managed to keep a bulk of their future as a result of this Santana trade. They gave up Humber, but kept Pelfrey. Gave up Gomez, but kept F-Mart (who is by far and away THE future of the organization, according to the most seasoned scouts). Bear in mind that Santana is still young and we have him locked up for six years. Must be nice to be a Phillies fan and live in denial. Oh and as my friend asked – how many HRs will Burrell hit off Santana this year? Answer: As many as the games the Phils won in the postseason. OOOPS.

  3. Edward

    Hey Zoe…

    I’m pumped about this Santana signing. Can’t wait to start the season!

    BTW, I agree with mysummerfamily. The Mets pulled of the Johan deal without parting with their best pitching prospect (pelfrey) and their best hitting prospect (fmart.) Gotta be happy about that.

    ~ Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe

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