A favorite Nutty Keith moment of 2007

Picture_249_2 Oh, Keith Hernandez, king of the non sequitur. This from August 18th, 2007 (picture not related).

The context: Speaking of Damion Easley’s devestating ankle injury, Gary Cohen quotes Willie Mays as saying "Baseball belongs to the young."

Keith Hernandez responds directly as such:

"I always had these dreams—they’re recurrant. That I’m late to the ball park, and the game has started, and I’m not even close to the ball park. And I’m just worried that the manager is going to be furious with me. And I have dreams that I’m up at the plate, and I can’t see the ball, and I can’t hit anymore. And they’re recurrant. And I wake up, and I’m very agitated."

At your home in Florida now, sleep well, sweet Keith.



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