Mets clean up…just not on the field

Carlos Delgado packs his mitt.

Carlos and cast hold a Jeter jersey…and Cerrone explains why.

John Maine giving his last clubhouse interview of the year…and yes, the SI cover hurts. Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of SI cover curse?***** you, Sports Illustrated. Dammmmnnnnn youuuuu.

Johnny says goodbye to the Shea staff.

Moises Alou looks sad.

Before he leaves Shea for perhaps the last time.

SNK does a great job wrapping up the status of our players. We had no idea that John Maine pitched the whole year with pain in his hip.

And Scott Schoeneweis starts a new bout of troubles now with accusations of past steroid abuse. But considering that they’re looking at 2003-2004, I can’t imagine this will much affect his status with the Mets. Still, it’s another stab at an already beat-*******-up team.

Regroup, boys. Take a breather in the offseason. HEAL. And turn 2007 on its head for next year.




One comment


    I’m sitting in front of the TV watching the ANAHEIM Angels (LA? Please!) and the Red Sox, but I have no interest. It’s been quite a while since I’ve cared so little about the post-season. How many months until April?


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