Our season has not yet come.

2007_loss_1With every Mets loss over the past two weeks, I still believed they would pull it together. When Johnny Maine nearly pitched a no-hitter on Saturday, and the boys spit out runs like they were sunflower seeds? I was so sure we’d bash out another win on Sunday and show those Phillies who they’re dealing with. I just knew it.

But this year was not meant to be.

I hate that the Phils won the division. Hate it. The Phillies make me want to lift weights so I can punch something and actually have an impact. But I have every faith that next year our boys will come back strong. The Mets thrive as underdogs. They turn it up when there’s something to prove. Now they’ve got a whole lot to prove, and I know they’ll come back fighting hard next year.

We are underdogs again. And everyone involved with our team will make sure that 2008 will be ours. Omar will do whatever it takes to fill in the holes we may be missing. If I had to choose a Mets slogan for 2008? It’d be Game on.

I’ve still got loads of pics and snippets of SNY dialogue I never got around to posting, so stay tuned over the next few weeks to relive some of the fun and tender moments of 2007.

Our season will come.




  1. Deidre

    I was at Safeco yesterday and kept a close eye on the scoreboard. Never thought I’d be cheering so hard for the Diamondbacks, a team that’s barely a blip on my radar.

    I felt the letdown 3,000 miles away. Hope to see you next year on our tour. We’ve had a few meetings with the Mets (and about ten other teams)about having the teams and a sponsor host our events in their ballparks. The Mets’ Sr. VP of Marketing used to work in the NFL and was one of the brains behind NLF 101. A pretty enlighted group over there.

    Take it easy on the off season. Now, who do you cheer for? I was born in Boston so I’ve got it easy. Not that it’s always been that way…


  2. betheboy@gmail.com

    I believed too, and as a mets fan living on the west coast I woke up at 8am Sunday because I was so excited for the game I couldn’t sleep. By 10:30 I wanted to go back to bed and it never got better. In a way I’m glad it’s over because my wife probably couldn’t handle another day of me sulking around the hose as the Mets blew game after game. Here’s to Spring Training and a new start in 08.

    P.S. I was referred he by the amazing Billy Fabs.

  3. mysummerfamily@gmail.com

    Girl, I’m gonna cry. You are one of the special people who is now part of the Coop’s summer family contingent. Although this year turned into such a disappointment, the people I’ve met this year made every minute of it worthwhile and so much fun. So many good memories. And I know whenever I am feeling down in the winter, I will just click on Will’s video yelling – MARLON! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!

  4. regismcourt@yahoo.com

    There will surely be a house cleaning and although many think Willie’s gone, I don’t think so. He has issues but he didn’t throw one pitch this year. The players are the scapegoats here. Hopefully this tragedy provides motivation for 2008. Sad, just sad.

  5. ceetar@gmail.com

    rough. Two years in a row I’ve been left itching for more. This year was very very premature. My first year as a blogger i was really looking forward to some postseason, and they’ve cut me short. The season still had it’s moments…but..I can’t wait until next year.

  6. luvmymetsies@yahoo.com

    As I sit here writing this, I can’t help but think that I should be at Shea right now. The collapse seemed to start the minute my playoff tickets arrived. I’ve been cursing the team since I left Shea on Sunday, saying I won’t be buying my tickets next year. But, I know that’s just not true. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog throughout the season, and look forward to your off-season entries. Hope to make it out to some Mets events, viewing parties, etc. next season.

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