Afternoon quickie: A much needed LAUGH.

Care of Cerrone at Metsblog, you’ve got to check out this hilarious video of Paul Lo Duca: ESPN Correspondent. 


And much needed.

Thanks Matty!





  1. Mark

    willie randolph was great in this…and I liked “tracy chapman”, too. thx


    ps, come one come all to see your favorite runner in the NYC Marathon on November 4! I was just looking at the map and holy cow, after crossing the V-N bridge I am going to be running through Brooklyn forever…4th Ave never ends!


    Rough game last night. I got home from Shea and felt as if I had the worst hangover ever (and I wasn’t even drinking!). Thanks for the video, and making my day a little brighter. I definitely had some laughs.


    That video was great, but as far as the Mets go I think Homer says it best “That team sure did **** last night. They just plain ******. I’ve seen teams **** before, but they were the ******** bunch of ***** that ever ******”
    Doh, stupid Mets. Why can’t they win??!! The baseball gods hate me…

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